messy & delicious German bratwurst including gluten free options!
We have been to more than 250 events, including


Authentic German style bratwurst - messy & delicious!

    • Sausages

    • Bratwurst

      Full falvoured pork & veal, unsmoked

    • Smoked Bratwurst

      Naturally smoked pork & veal Bratwurst

    • Knackwurst

      Naturally smoked with cracked pepper (spiciest)

    • Cheese Kransky

      Naturally smoked with cracked pepper & cheddar

    • Chilli Cheese Kransky

      Smoked pork & veal Bratwurst with cheddar & chilli spice

    • in a

      The way it is served

    • Stone Baked Bread Roll

    • Bowl

      (gluten free option)

    • as well as

      Everything that comes with the sausage

    • Grilled Onion

    • German Sauerkraut

      (pickled cabbage)

    • Mild German Mustard

    • German Curry Ketchup

    • Grated Cheddar

    • Pickled Cucumber

We are also happy to offer

beer brats, currywurst, pretzels & a full cooked breakfast as required!

About us

Welcome to the home of Yummo! Bratwurst ..Australia’s best German sausage, based here in the Byron Hinterland on the NSW North Coast of Australia!

Yummo! Bratwurst is part of a sentimental journey back to my roots and my home country of Poland. Eastern European countries are famous for their love of sausage, with the German bratwurst being the king of sausages.

My memories as a young boy, the smells and sounds of our local delicatessens, take me back in an instant to the rows of sausages hanging from high beams, huge wooden barrels of sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers  in large glass jars. Real food, unrefined, authentic, chunky, ..these are the flavours of my homeland (and its neighbours) and my passion for great food is what has brought Yummo! Bratwurst to Australia, with an ever expanding and evolving menu for you to try.

We’re local to the core, with all ingredients being sourced from the best German butchers, French bakers and local creators, culminating in a European-Australian foodie extravaganza!

From our stoned-baked French rolls (you’ll never have had better!) to our (imported for authenticity) German sauerkraut and mustard, Bangalow sweet pork, and Polish expertise - our unique combo’s will have you following us around the north coast to try our next messy and delicious flavour offering!

Find Yummo! Bratwurst at markets and festivals near you, and book us here for your next event, we travel where we’re needed.

Guten Appetit
Eddie and the Yummo Bratwurst crew

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